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Super Eagles go play Sierra Leone for Asaba Stadium



Naija senior football team, Super Eagles go play dem mate from Siera Leone for Stephen Keshi Stadium wey dey for Asaba as dem continue with di qualifiers for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations wey go shele for inside Cameroun next year.

Na dem Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) tok am and dem still com add join say di match go shele for March 27, 2020.

Super Eagles dey for Group L with dem mates from Siera Leone, Benin Republic and Lesotho dem.

No forget say no team don sabi beat Super Eagles for Asaba since dem play 0-0 draw with Uganda for inside dat same stadium, even though dem don play Egypt, Seychelles and Zimbabwe after dat game.

Wetin you tink about dat match? You tink Super Eagles go fit win Sierra Leone?

Yarn, make we hear you

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Lagos Journalists’ League vex for police ontop how dem take harass Journalists for night




By Olusola Adigun

One group of Journalists wey get mouth well-well for Lagos wey dem dey call Lagos Journalists’ League (LJL) don criticize police for how dem take harass Journalists and other essential duty workers for tuesday night, sake of say President Buhari tok say make di 8pm curfew continue for anoda two weeks.

Remember say police no gri allow Journalists, doctors, nurses, fire fighters and other pipo wey dey do work wey no fit stop for anything, waka pass go dem house for Tuesday night wen Buhari make di announcement.

The LJL say wetin police do no good at-all, at-all and e be like the behaviour of pipo wey dey live for inside bush, wey no sabi any civilization at all. Di Journalist gum-body say di way wey police take treat dem Journalists colleagues, sef fit cause make person vex for dem well-well.

For one statement wey LJL release wey dem acting Secretary, Enitan Olukotun sign, the group tok say police just dey pretend like say dem no sabi say essential worker pipo dem go waka for dat time of di night, weda curfew dey o, abi curfew no dey.

LJL come shake ein head like husband wey ein wife fall ein hand, tok say di way wey police take do di thing for dat night put the health and life of Journalists for serious risks as dem take delay dem for road at night.

Hear wetin Olukotun tok for di statement: “We, Lagos Journalists League go wan make dem police oga apologize, beg for forgiveness for dat kain behiour wey dem police behave for dat night.

“Journalists sef fit go on strike like dem other essential workers don threaten, if police oga no gri give dem men brain-reset ontop dis kain harrasment

“Some of our pipo don carry di COVID-19 virus ontop say dem dey do dem work to always carry informate give society dem all di time. So, e no good make we come take police harrasment join di wahala wey Journalists dey face everyday ontop say dem dey do dem work”

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CORONAVIRUS: All di LIE-LIE wey dem tok about di disease




Dat ogbonge disease wey dem dey call coronavirus still dey kee pipo upandan for di whole wide world. Although, nobody dey too sure about how di disease take operate, science pipo dem tok say na one kain dangerous virus wey fit spread for many-many ways.

As di thing com take be, pipo don tok plenty-plenty thing about am, so tey some even tok say na demon and na only prayer fit kee am. For Ghana,one Pastor wey dem dey call Bishop Daniel Obinim, don dey sell one anointing oil wey ein tok say fit protect pipo against di virus.Na N13,000 ein dey sell one botu.

So, na ein we com tok say make we helep Gidinews readers dem sabi all di lie-lie and tru wey dey sorround dis popular virus for all over di world.

NA LIE ABI NA TRU?: Dem say na some pipo dem create coronavirus. Shey dis one be lie-lie abi na tru tok?

E get some pipo wey don tok am for ontop internet say di disease no be wetin just hapun like dat, say na some wicked scientists wey wan test something create am for insode lab. Dem say na for one lab for China na there dem take create am. Some even say na for America di thing take hapun for inside one big laboratory wey dey there.

Although, scientists still dey do research as to where di virus take come, but informate wey dey ground be say na from bat body, na eim di virus take come.

So dis one NA LIE. Nobody create coronavirus, na from animal body (bat) dem take carry am.

NA LIE ABI NA TRU?: Dem say Garlic, Ogogoro and Chloroquine fit cure di disease abi say e fit protect pipo from carry di disease.

Dis one sef na ORIGINAL LIE. Scientists still dey look for coronavirus cure, although our own Prof. Maurice Iwu don tok say ein get cure, dat eim medicine still dey inside lab where dem dey test am.

So, if you take one basket of garlic for morning reach night, come still join am with chloroquine or any oda ‘quine’, e no mean say coronavirus no go fit catch you. Just make sure say you folo as dem tok say make we take protect oursef.

Wash ya hands all di time. No go near pesin wey dey cough abi sneeze. Reduce handshakes etc

NA LIE ABI NA TRU?: Dem say heat fit kee coronavirus.

Dis one sef no get evidence, but as di gumbody for health worldwide W.H.O take tok, even handdrier no fit kee di wicked virus.

If na tru say heat fit kee am, why e com enta Naija for time wey be say everywhere hot like hell fire branch office?

NA LIE ABI NA TRU?: Dem say di virus no fit survive inside black man body.

For dis one, we say “faa-faa-fa… fao!”. Dis one lie pass wetin Devil sef fit tok. Coronavirus dey live for anywhere,eim no no be racists as eim no sabi whether you be blackman o abi yoinbo-pepper.

Make we yarn you say one Naija footballer wey dey play for Italy, King Paul Akpan Udoh wey be player for Pontedera, on loan from Juventus na blackman and ein don get di virus.

So, dis one sef na BIG LIE say di virus no go fit survive inside black man body.

But sha o, no forget how you fit take protect yasef: Dey always wash ya hands. No gotoo close with pesin wey dey cough. If you notice anybody, quickquick tellam say make ein go hospital for test

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Moni Palava: Market women and Area Boys carry gbege enta Oluwole




by Joshua Timi

Our pipo say Money na di foundation for all di bad-bad things wey oyinbo dey call ‘evil’, na im cause am wey some people, wey call demsef area boys begin fight market pipo for Oluwole inside Lagos island.

According for wetin di market pipo tok, “One area boy wey ein name be Jinad Oyekanbi Sangote wey dey collect money for di car park, with im boys ask our market people to begin pay them 200 naira for security after dem don collect park money ooo, we tell am say na our due money, moreso wen im don reach wey area boys go dey collect security money, so we come carry oursef go for iyaloja general doormot, Mrs Folashade Tinubu office where we settle di mata.

“On Monday as we come out make we collect our money from our member na im Sangote and im boys begin beat our people with different cutlass and iron, even as i dey talk to you some pipo dey hospital wey dem wound wella.

“Dis kain mata don happen before for different market area around Lagos wey agbero go wan take over from market people, but the woman wey dey in charge of the market people for Lagos state Mrs folashade tinubu ojo, dey beg lagos state governor Mr Babajide Sanwo-olu and the commissioner of polices Mr Hakeem Odumosu to help dem make sure say di lives and properties of our brothers and sisters wey dey sell market save from dis area boys dem.

“Now we no fit close our eyes again for house sleep well-well, because say area boys like Sangote go destroy our things and go dey worry our market family too much, also, she call di police make dem bring Jinadu Sangote to book, na so she talk.”

As at di time we dey talk about dis mata, di police toktok pesin never answer our call, but no worry we go follow di mata small small as we believe say Lagos state sabi make people enjoy their stay wella. 

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