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COVID-19: Bamgbose gives lifeline to Badagry residents



By Bola Akinmodiro

Residents of Badagry have been given a lifeline amidst the widespread cry of hunger occasioned by the Covid-19 lockdown in the state.

A top politician in the area, hon. Bamgbose Hontonyon Joseph who was a member of the House of Representatives donated more than 2000 food packs to support the residents.

While making the donations, Bamgbose said it is important for everyone get involved in the fight against the corona virus irrespective of status, political party or religious affiliation.

He described Covid-19 as a major eorld disaster which has claimed so many lives.

His words: “Except you are not human or have human feeling, you can’t claim ignorance of what is happening. We can see from the records how corona virus has eaten deep into the nation and has affected many homes.” Bamgbose said.

“My aim is to pay back to my community once again as part of my leadership style to support the state, federal and local government.

“I packaged three items for the people; Rice, Garri (Cassava Flour) and Fresh Fish. Bamgbose said

On sharing formula, Hon. Bamgbose said; “The three food pack is presented to just one person/family as a complete package to enable them feed for a fees days at least. My focus was also on the less privileged, aged and widows. Although I was also moved to give youths too who lamented serious hunger this COVID-19 period due to the lockdown.”

Mrs. Serah Jesuvivi one of the beneficiaries thanked Hon. Bamgbose for his humanitarian and philanthropic support to Badagry community via the stimulus pack saying this is not the first time. He has been doing it before, especially during festive seasons. She added.

“I had nothing to eat at home, I was sited thinking of what to eat when a friend told me that Bamgbose is around, when i got here to my surprise, i was presented Garri, Rice and Fish. I am very happy and I pray God continue to bless Bamgbose always.” Serah said

“May God continue to bless this man, hunger took me out of home and he just packed by my side and asked me to take, he is an angel” said anonymous along Owode road

Bamgbose who had compassion on the crowd that stormed his Badagry residence, encouraged them that this time of hardship and hunger will soon pass over.

“I understand how we all feel, please as part of government directive and WHO precautions, let us adhere advice by washing and always disinfect our hands, be your brother keeper by maintaining social distancing, use your nose mask and comply with the regulations by Staying At Home.

He further instruct the people to line up in line with the social distancing while they come into the building in ten’s.

Aside the home/residential presentation in Badagry, Bamgbose also took items to Owode, Kweme, Imota, Ganyingbo and other village areas in Badagry.

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I will deliver personal intervention programme to my people …Osolana



Hon.Sola Osolana the Peoples Democratic Party’s standard flag bearer for Agege Federal Constituency has declared his intention to attract federal presence in Agege, if elected as House of Reps member at 2023 general election.
The astute politician who convincingly won party primaries twice, owing to a rerun election, said that in spite of the over 24 years of electoral experience, Agege has not really benefited any federal presence in terms of infrastructural development which in his view is tied to lack of true representation.
Osolana made the assertion at a press conference to unveil what he tagged : ‘Covenant With The People of Agege’, held to herald his campaign programme on Wednesday at his constituency office in Agege.
According to him he is bringing on board a clear departure from the fraudulent and deceptive style that characterizes politicians in Agege, who basically deceive people to steal their mandate.
Osolana said: “This is a covenant to respect the sanctity of electoral mandate, to truly serve and create a marked departure from the sordid political experience, Agege people have not really benefited, there are few or no federal presence since over 24 years of electoral experience.
“A patriotic call-This our Federal constituency requires intervention at this time.
“In order for Agege to have true representation, I offer myself, please give me your mandate, I will serve you with a representation that will connect us to the federal and lobby others to bring goodies to Agege, through promotion legislation that has direct impact for constituents.
“More federal government funded projects that will affect Agege positively will also be attracted.
“Agege is water logged during the raining season as there are no good and functional drainage systems.
The vibrant politician also notes the dearth of mentors and apprenticeships for the youths which in his view could have helped to cure a lot of social malaise, given the required guide.
“I will however continue with my direct personal intervention via youth empowerment, access to health care. I will be giving a revolving loan to boost my constituents businesses between 50,000 to 1 million naira.
Osolana also reaffirmed his trust in the unbiased mien of INEC while stating that unlike the previous council election where the LASIEC helped to manipulate things for the ruling party, the game has now changed.
He promised that as the campaign kicks off today, his message will revolve around critical issues of governance and what PDP intends to do.
He however, tasked Agege eligible electorates to create time and visit the INEC office to collect their alleged over a million Permanent Voter Cards yet to claimed.
On his plans to aide the growth of sports as a tool to boost quality human capacity development, Osolana stated his poise to give more encouragement to primary school Inter House sports, as well as encouraging existing sports clubs through facilitation of a Sporting Academy.

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Top Secrets surrounding rental property investment in Lagos




Buying a rental property is a good step in the real estate business. However, I would advise that you shouldn’t barge into it without having some knowledge of what you are getting into. Despite having many people successfully running a rental property, still, it’s not easy money. There are obstacles, losses, risks, etc. but if you can figure it all out, then, you find it a successful investment.

Now, what do you need to know?

1. The property has to fit into what the people around want

This is very crucial. If you are buying a property close to the campus, be rest assured that 95% of potential tenants will be students. If you intend to make it a family home, then, you may find it difficult to get renters who are not students.

If people around are working class with good jobs, this will increase your property value because renters will be ready to buy at a premium price.

You need to put people whose population is higher into consideration before buying a property for rent. If it works, you can go ahead.

2. Location is as important as the air we breathe

If you want to get a good return on your investment, you need to be keen on location. Location can strengthen your investment, and at the same time kill it. It determines what value to be placed on it. If you buy a rental property, renovate and furnish it in underdeveloped areas, you may be disappointed in hearing the value people place on it. Also, if your rental property is in a place that is not all that motorable due to bad roads, or the roads always get flooded during heavy rainfall, this may be a huge obstacle to getting renters that would be willing to pay something worthwhile. And what is a business if you are not getting anything from it?

3. Check out the taste of structures within the locality

This should be highly considered because it’s a great determinant of having people interested in your property. Can you afford to have the property renovated up to taste? The property you are buying is not a new model, it is best to check out for structures around so you can make an adaptation or do something better. This helps you get renters easily and also willing to pay its value.

4. Renting property is dicey

The truth is you can’t be good enough, smart enough, and do everything right. Just a little mistake might make you lose the property. The fault may be or may not even be from the tenants or anyone.

Major damage such as fire outbreaks can ruin your investment. An economic downturn caused by anything, for example, a pandemic may make you lose money because if your tenants are unable to pay or move out without anyone showing interest in occupying, it’s a big loss on your part.

5. You are responsible for maintenance

As much as landlords try to avoid this part but at the end of the day, it falls back to you as the owner of the property. This is where you are reminded that it is your house and the responsibility to keep it together lies with you. This is a major reason some landlords take maintenance fees from tenants in case there is damage. However, this fee can just cover a little of the damage.

The major repairs still lie with the landlord whether he is willing to or not.

Apart from having damages, maintaining a house is the only means to keep a property whole.

Things have to be checked, adjustments have to be made and repairs have to be done.

All of these rest on the shoulders of the property owner.

6. Get everything documented

Everything about your property has to be documented. One of such is “agreement.” In Nigeria, many people take things for granted which may turn out to be a bigger issue sooner or later. Some houses have no landlord-tenant agreement for whatever reason. This shouldn’t happen in normal circumstances. When push comes to shove, that agreement which seems like a piece of paper to many might be the only evidence to bail you out.

And all documents concerning tenant evaluation and rent must be considered too.

Dennis Isong is a Real Estate Professional. He advises that before you buy any property in Nigeria, ensure you read this Real Estate Guide.CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO  DOWNLOAD  FOR FREE

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Why you should buy a property for rental income in Lagos




Lagos is a state in Nigeria that is highly populated, modern, full of prospects, and everything good. Just like they say that you can achieve anything in New York, Lagos is a city where you can achieve a lot because the city provides lots of opportunities and accessibility to getting closer to your dreams. 

This has motivated people all over Nigeria to migrate to Lagos because they see the city as their greener pasture.

In a place where the population keeps rising, it is expected that there would be a demand for houses for rent. 

Rental property is the new oil money in Lagos. And no matter how high your rent is, you already have a population that is ready to go for it.

So, why should you buy a property for rental income in Lagos?

1. Rapid economic growth

Lagos is leading in terms of business which helps the economy. The city is also considered Africa’s eighth-fastest-growing town in terms of population and is expected to be the world’s third-largest by the year 2050. The numbers speak for themselves with Lagos being responsible for more than 53% of production jobs, generating 25% of the national GDP, and consuming over 60% of the electricity of the country. Lagos is host to more than 2000 manufacturing businesses, and 200 financial institutions, and is also host to Africa’s biggest concentrations of small and medium-sized businesses.

2. The important need for rental properties

The rates of leasing in this city keep rising rapidly and this stands to promote the fact that a lot of people in Lagos are opting to rent over buying out properties. This is largely due to the usually massive cost of homeownership, high costs of land, and staggering costs of building construction. Developers are aware of this direction the industry is headed as approximately 75% of landowners already have plans to develop rental properties due to their ability to quickly provide a return on their investments as well as a large supply of the populace available to rent the very second construction is complete.

3. Stable political environment

Lagos has the most stable political environment when compared to other states in Nigeria. Since the return of democracy in 1999, Lagos has been under the control of the same political party and this ensures a continuum in governance, this is good for the real estate market because projects and developments are implemented according to the master plan. It also means that important projects that drive growth are not altered because of politics.

4. Infrastructural value

At this point, the biggest reason why Lagos is a great location for investments is an almost ridiculous rate of return of investments on real estate properties. The Lagos State Market Analysis presents Lagos as having some of Nigeria’s largest estate prices. The Lagos estate industry remained buoyant and, in some cases, flourished even when the value of the real estate in other states across the nation plummeted from the latest economic recession. A plot of land bought for 5 million in Lekki in the year 2006 could go for an average of 75 million now. It’s no surprise because real estate transactions occur dozens of times every day as more and more people seek to stake their piece of the blossoming city.

5. Bustling population

A population is undoubtedly a significant engine of development for the real estate industry, Lagos is easily Nigeria’s most populated state. The megacity has risen to about 22 million today from 1.4 million residents in 1970. Projections have estimated that at least 89 people move every hour to Lagos, which is more than 2000 people every day and nearly a million people every year. That’s a constant flow of bright-eyed citizens looking for accommodation, purpose, and fulfillment. 

Dennis Isong helps individuals invest right in Real estate. For questions on this article or enquiring about Real estate. Follow him on Youtube , Email or Whatsapp/Call +2348164741041

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