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Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Democrat and we believe in him ….. Shettima.

by Joshua Timi
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The president Arewa Youth Consultative Forum AYCF Dr Shettima Yerima have described the president elect Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as a democrat in delivery dividend of democracy to Nigeria populace .

Yerima stated it on a phone interview with Gidinews.com on Thursday in Lagos, which he described the present Leadership tussle in the Nation Assembly as artificial, in his statement Yerima emphasized the need for the political party to allow the members of national assembly to exercise their voting power and choose who they want to steer the house in the next Legislative years according to yerima , 

I don’t believe our president elect will fall for the list that is being carried about by some group of people , we believe as a democrat, he will want the  members to elect their own principal officers , I have worked closely with him and I believe in his ideology, he will allow the house to run their affairs ” .

Dr Yerima also urged the president elect Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu to do more of reconcilation across the country because Nigerian have never being divided like this before , he said ” Nigeria have being deeply divided along ethnic  and religious line which is not go for the country, he should consider the people that pass through pain to vote him in the just concluded election and also make amend some of the past administration mistake , so that Nigerians hope can be renewed” yerima said .


Meanwhile, on the path of corruption, Dr Shettima laid an  agenda for the president elect to review the law that will bring many of Nigeria looters to book , he suggested also that he should be able to work on the corrupt menace that Nigerians were expecting  from president Mohammed Buhari,  who have failed them , so the whole world will be expecting asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to strengthen his fight on corrupt leaders that have brought the country to this state, 

” I know asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a true democrat that have shown it in his administration as a former governor, he knows how to work with the best hands , because he is a maker of men with merit , he believes in people with merit that can put the structure in place for an average Nigerian, so we trust him and pray that he will remain on the path of true democracy that cares for the people.

Hence , Shettima Yerima have described the Loan applied by  Mr president Muhammed Buhari as an act of wickedness and that the National Assembly should not fall for it , because it will increase the level of indebtedness of the country that is trying to revive it’s economy,

” Why must PMB borrow now that he is barely leaving the government, it is wickedness, and we will not allow such to occur , because already Nigeria is seriously indebted and the new administration is being ushered in , that will also drive the economy, so what money will they rely on , so we called on the NASS to step down his request and treat it as if it never happened” yerima advised . 

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