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COVID-19: Bamgbose gives lifeline to Badagry residents



By Bola Akinmodiro

Residents of Badagry have been given a lifeline amidst the widespread cry of hunger occasioned by the Covid-19 lockdown in the state.

A top politician in the area, hon. Bamgbose Hontonyon Joseph who was a member of the House of Representatives donated more than 2000 food packs to support the residents.

While making the donations, Bamgbose said it is important for everyone get involved in the fight against the corona virus irrespective of status, political party or religious affiliation.

He described Covid-19 as a major eorld disaster which has claimed so many lives.

His words: “Except you are not human or have human feeling, you can’t claim ignorance of what is happening. We can see from the records how corona virus has eaten deep into the nation and has affected many homes.” Bamgbose said.

“My aim is to pay back to my community once again as part of my leadership style to support the state, federal and local government.

“I packaged three items for the people; Rice, Garri (Cassava Flour) and Fresh Fish. Bamgbose said

On sharing formula, Hon. Bamgbose said; “The three food pack is presented to just one person/family as a complete package to enable them feed for a fees days at least. My focus was also on the less privileged, aged and widows. Although I was also moved to give youths too who lamented serious hunger this COVID-19 period due to the lockdown.”

Mrs. Serah Jesuvivi one of the beneficiaries thanked Hon. Bamgbose for his humanitarian and philanthropic support to Badagry community via the stimulus pack saying this is not the first time. He has been doing it before, especially during festive seasons. She added.

“I had nothing to eat at home, I was sited thinking of what to eat when a friend told me that Bamgbose is around, when i got here to my surprise, i was presented Garri, Rice and Fish. I am very happy and I pray God continue to bless Bamgbose always.” Serah said

“May God continue to bless this man, hunger took me out of home and he just packed by my side and asked me to take, he is an angel” said anonymous along Owode road

Bamgbose who had compassion on the crowd that stormed his Badagry residence, encouraged them that this time of hardship and hunger will soon pass over.

“I understand how we all feel, please as part of government directive and WHO precautions, let us adhere advice by washing and always disinfect our hands, be your brother keeper by maintaining social distancing, use your nose mask and comply with the regulations by Staying At Home.

He further instruct the people to line up in line with the social distancing while they come into the building in ten’s.

Aside the home/residential presentation in Badagry, Bamgbose also took items to Owode, Kweme, Imota, Ganyingbo and other village areas in Badagry.

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If you’re African and use WhatsApp, you need to read this




A new app built by an African for Africans is out. Its name is SupFrica!

The app, just like WhatsApp, has all the features that WhatsApp has. But one thing that it has that WhatsApp doesn’t is, it’s 2× faster than WhatsApp.

Sending a message on Supfrica is faster than sending a message on WhatsApp, the report claims. You can add up 2348055441309, after installation for a test. The voice and video call in Africa is of high quality just as WhatsApp. This is the time to embrace our own. It is proudly made by a Sierra Leonean!

The company, Techfrica, which is owned by Mr. Hassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu Sr., released the app on Google Play Store on December 11, 2020, with fewer downloads.

The app is also amazingly rated number 1 on Google Play Store Top Free Apps; leading the world’s top messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, etc.

You can forward messages to more than 20 contacts at once, unlike WhatsApp. With Supfrica, you can create a Supfrica group and add an unlimited number of contacts to your group, unlike WhatsApp. You can add up 2348055441309, after installation for a test.

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Ayadi reveals the spirit responsible for Nigeria’s problems




The General Overseer, Power and Wisdom of God Church, Badagry, Lagos, Pastor Idowu Ayadi says Nigeria is being troubled by the “spirit of cheating”.

This spirit of cheating, he said, was responsible for the majority of the challenges facing the country.

However, he called on Nigerians to play a noble part in complementing the positive efforts of the Federal Government to address the nation’s challenges.

Ayadi made the call at a news briefing on Saturday as part of the activities marking the celebration of Christmas in Badagry.

The cleric tagged his message: “The Spirit Troubling The Nigerian Nation”.

Ayadi said he consecrated himself to pray for Nigeria, and after many days of prayers, it was revealed to him that the source of the nation’s problems was the “Spirit of Cheating”.

According to him, to destroy the spirit of cheating, everyone has to buy into speaking the truth and never sell it.

He said that society should stop worshipping money, while parents should not teach their children how to cheat.

“All clergymen should emphatically teach their followers that life does not consist in the abundance of the things they have, and that act of covetousness is evil.

“On the side of government, there must be check and balance mechanism that will prevent the commission of fraud.

“The three arms of government, the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, must work together, effectively and efficiently.

“If all these are done, the spirit of cheating will die a natural death, and the lost glory of our country shall be restored.

“Then, we will take our rightful position among the comity of great nations,” he said.

Ayadi said many that were born with the truth had sold the truth, while many who did not have the truth, had refused to buy it.

He said the spirit of cheating in Nigerians had turned all infrastructure that would have promoted prosperity into a sorry state.

The cleric said that all efforts being made by the government to improve our roads and power supply had not yielded the desired results.

“This is because the spirit of cheating is in the people who are frustrating those government’s efforts.
“Infrastructure decay is the major contributor to our economy penury.

“There will be no economic prosperity in any nation where there is inefficient infrastructure to support the production of goods and services,” he said.

Ayadi said that the spirit of cheating made the perpetrators of insecurity to believe that whatever they could not get legally, would be obtained through the cruel and dubious means.

He said: “We should not pass the total blame of insecurity in our country on the current administration and military alone.

“It is the effect of the long term accumulated failures of our past leaders, who the spirit of cheating had deceived to believe that as long as they and their families are comfortable, what happens to others is not their concerns.”

The cleric then urged the government to set aside an hour once in a week to pray for the nation’s security.

He said Nigeria must remain one indivisible country, urging everyone to pray for unity of the country and set aside those things that would militate against it.

Also, Ayadi said that the first wave of the COVID-19 was an art of God to demonstrate to the world “His unquestionable power”.

He said the second wave of the global pandemic had come to be added to the list of diseases that would continue to affect human beings.

The cleric urged Nigerians to observe and keep all safety guidelines, advising government not to embark on any form of economic shutdown again.

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CHRISTMAS: Obasa commends Christians for prayers, calls for more love among citizens




As Christians all over the world celebrate this year’s Christmas, Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa reinforces the message of love, which he said, Christ signified, urging Christians to strengthen their love for their neighbours and the country at large.

While commending Christians for for playing positive roles in the unification of the country as well as their prayers for a greater Nigeria, Rt. Hon. Obasa emphasized that the prayers of the faithful in Lagos state and Nigeria have helped the country, especially in 2020 when the world was humbled by COVID-19.

The Speaker, in his message to celebrate Christmas, urged Christ’s followers “not to take God’s grace in their lives for granted by flouting the protocols against Coronavirus.

“It is no longer news that COVID-19 resurfaced at a time we were all heaving a sigh of relief.

This time, the cases recorded daily is a cause for concern.

“In spite of the growing fear, however, the fact is that we can individually play our parts by adhering strictly to all the guidelines for our collective protection.

“Therefore, as we celebrate, we should be mindful of our actions and be conscious of our environment.

“We should also remember those who are in need knowing that Jesus lived, preached and practice love.

“Let us remember Matthew 25 verse 14: ‘The king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me’,” the Speaker advised.

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