PDP, Jonathan are Building on Quicksand -A response to Olisa Metuh

Olisah Metuh’s recent reaction to the attack on General Buhari and APC in which he strongly insinuated unreasonably that APC must have arranged must have arranged the attack on Buhari is a clear case of dementia. Metuh speaks like one recently out of the instruction on parole. To disrespect General Buhari’s life and dishonor the innocent lives lost in order to score cheap political points is both offensive and unconscionable. The sun sets soon for the likes of Metuhand the party he represents and the end will be ugly. Under PDP Nigeria suffers violence.PDP takes Nigeria by force.Sunday Dare and Olisa Metuh

The PDP plays with the tiger’s tail by pillaging the economy, brazenly stealing from public funds, subverting the Nigerian constitution, corruption of the police force, military and SSS in a desperate and near criminal desire to win all elections. The truth is out about the culpability of the Presidency and a select few in the military and the president’s cabinet in the ongoing rapacious employment of state apparatus, resources and electoral institutions to impose a one party rule on Nigeria.

PDP’S present bragadicio, euphoria and gloating over the gale of impeachments and Ekiti electoral heist will soon give way to lamentation. History is unsparing on dictators, pretenders to the throne and all those who see their temporary power abode as permanent. They will soon be dissapointed.

I believe if Olisa Metuh’s response represents the thinking of the PDP to such a tragic attack on Buhari’s life and the loss of hundreds of Nigerians then Nigerians should better get their rafts and life jackets to swim to a safer clime. Unfortunately under PDP Nigeria is now a commodity. A new dictatorship worse than the days of Babangida and Abacha has seized under Jonathan. The military leadership now serves the interest of Jonathan and the ruling party rather than defend the people and the constitution. Once the military is politicized, there goes our democracy.

I must remind Olisa Metuh that his likes abound for hire. He revels in the limelight of the ruling party and employs falsehood and subtle blackmail in order to denigrate the opposition. He should remember that before he ever came along there was a Wada Nas, Doyin Okupe, Uche Chukwumerije.

Soon, Metuh will be cured of his myopia and cantankerous spirit.

Sunday Dare is Media Aide to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu


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