Citizen Allowance Demand: Protest Initiator Declared Wanted

Few weeks after a protest to drive home the demand for allowance for youths in the country, the man who initiated the idea and protest has been declared wanted.

The man identified as Osayande Edebiri, who is currently on the wanted list, is said to have been allegedly accused of inciting a section of the country against the government and as well led a protest that is capable of causing unrest.

Edebiri was said to have raised a suggestion sometimes in February, 2016 in Benin, Edo State that every citizen below the age of 18 years ought to be paid reasonable allowance every month to meet their personal needs, a suggestion many people were said to have supported and applauded.

Following the acceptance of the idea by many people, Edebiri was said to have organized a protest so as to get the attention of the government and then do something about it but unfortunately for him, his idea was said to have been perceived from negative angle.

It was gathered that a process has since been allegedly put it place to arrest him. Osayande Edebiri was said to have escaped arrest and his younger brother arrested in his place because of their resemblance, though his innocent younger brother was later released when it was discovered that he is not the right person.

A police source who would not want his name in print told our correspondent: “They are really in hot search for that youngman, Osayande Edebiri. If he is caught, anything could happen” He said

To further avoid being arrested, Osayande Edebiri was said to have left Benin city for his village but after few days, a land dispute ensured between his community, -Obarietin and a neighbouring community identified as Ubiaza over a landed property that is situated close to Obarietin and Ubiaza community.

Osayande Edebiri father was said to have willed the landed property to Osayande Edebiri and the land document also in Osayande Edebiri’s custody, but Ubiaza community want to forcefully take the land, a development that was said to have lead to a fierce communal clashed between Obarietin and Ubiaza community, where some people were reportedly dead including Osayande Edebiri’s mother with his father and many others sustained severe injury.

This development, according to our sources made Osayande Edebiri to run to kano to stay with one of his friends but unfortunately for him on a fateful day, he went into the town to buy recharge card where two women approach him that he looks like a man who was declared wanted on television some weeks earlier.

Although Osayande Edebiri was said to have told the women that he was ignorant of what they were talking about, source said he stayed indoor from that day for many days until someone assisted him and escaped to Libya.

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