This is How Aribi Destroyed Aso Rock Clinic    …With Documentary Evidences

More revelations have emerged about the rot at the State House Clinic, after a public outbursts by the Wife of the President, Hajia Aishat Buhari.

On Monday, Mrs Buhari publicly berated the Chief Medical Director of the State House Clinic, Dr. Husain Munir for the poor state of the clinic.

But as against insinuations in certain quarters that the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the clinic was responsible for the desolate state of things at the health facility, the State House Permanent Secretary, Jalal Aribi has been feeding fat on funds allocated for the running of the clinic.

According to credible sources at Aso Rock, Aribi is in the axt of placing salaries meant for internship doctors in his personal fixed deposit account while he has only spent a paltry N4m on drugs this year, out of the huge amount allocated and approved for such purpose. (See Documents Below)

One of the sources who is a civil servant also revealed that despite that N21m were deducted by the Permanent Secretary for the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) so far, no member of staff have access to the scheme.

1 Salaries of internship doctors are collected and put In fixed deposit for his own private benefit

2 Only 4 million naira spent in drugs this year

3 X-ray machine repaired at a cost of N4m, only after CMD was queried

4 N21m deducted for NHIS so far but no staff have access to the scheme

1 Travel agents are owed large amounts of money thereby grounding their businesses

2 Since he was not allowed to purchase new cars he sabotaged the cars on ground, The President, Vice President and their wives have all had their cars break down embarrassingly while in convoys

3 Both the wives of the President and Vice president fuel their cars from their pockets for official assinments as Jalal refuses to release funds for this

4 A bus costing N27m was purchased for N85m, as soon as the story leaked the whistleblowers were transferred from the admin department, it was the intervention of Mr president that granted them access to be brought back

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