Aisha Buhari: The Lioness of Nigeria

Aisha Buhari, wife of the President has roared and there has been a lot of scattering in London, in apparent reaction to the Hyenas and Jackals, madam Aisha had finally and firmly put her feet in the right boots and is stamping her authority. It appears likes the juju could not cross the water.
Impeccable sources in the presidency say it was the wife of the president who organised the recent visit of both the APC and the PDP governors to see President Buhari in London, in apparent defiance to all her detractor. She has been on the prowl and a lot of casualties have fallen by the wayside.
Mr. President who is hale and hearty now does not receive visitors without express permission of Her Excellency, Sabiu, the President’s PA (an informer of the cabal and who has fallen out of the good books of Mr President due to the uncovering of some shady deals) has been seriously cautioned about abuse of power and nothing and nobody sees the president behind her back.
Contrary to reports by mischief makers who are trying to create a rift between the president and his vice, now the acting president Yemi Osinbajo, President Buhari has utmost confidence in his dealings and they are in constant contact. That may be the reason why the minister of Aviation was turned back and not allowed to see the President in London.
President Buhari insisted proper protocol must be followed and since he handed over properly to Prof Osinbajo, all issues should go through him!
Right now,the cabal led by Mamman Daura is going through agony and in disarray as he is no more staying in Abuja house, his official vehicle had been withdrawn and he has only been able to have access to the President thrice since the arrival of Aisha over a month ago.
Right now high level meetings and phone calls have been going on between Abuja and London on how to reverse the present status quo

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