Boy Flees Nigeria to Avoid Cult Initiation

Tormented young school lever relay bitter experience in social media   

One thing youths will always wish for themselves is to have parents they can be proud of especially in the current Nigerian society where one parent, family and connection has become a strong factor in securing good jobs or be a beneficiary of several good fortunes in the country which could as well be extended to the foreign land, depending on the fame of the parent, family or lineage.

But while many youths in Nigeria may have been enjoying the privilege of their parents’ fame and influence to get to some top positions and securing lucrative jobs and fat contracts, a young Nigerian, Ernest Idemudia’s case seems to have been in the contrary.

idemudiaHe recently described himself as a victim of bad parent, whose father- Ehigie Idemudia never left a good heritage for after his death but a disheartening and dangerous one. Ernest said in a recent social media post that his father was a strong member of the ogboni confraternity until his death, stating that his father had been luring him to be initiated into the cult long before his demise; a development he said turned him into a vagabond.

Ernest disclosed that he has been a refugee in his own fatherland for about eight months, running from one village and state to another for his life simply because he vehemently refused to heed to the request of his father and other members of the feared Ogboni confraternity in Edo State to join the cult.

Narrating his painful ordeal in the social media recently, Ernest said “my sad story started on 7th July, 2014, when my father, Mr. Ehigie Idemudia told me to join his secret cult, THE OGBONI CONFRATENITY. I am his only son, so he told me that it is a law in the cult that as the heir, I must be initiated to the cult so as to take his exalted position when he died, but I declined, and that was the beginning of my ordeal”.

“In March, 2015, my only sister died mysteriously in the middle of the night, Ernest continued, and my father told me it was one of the immediate consequences of my refusal to join the cult. After much pressure from my father, I agreed to join and they made me to begin the initiation process. However, I stopped the initiation process midway when I discovered that their condition was too much to bear, as a result of this, my father rose against me and this made me to run out of my father’s house to Auchi”.

Ernest said his father died few months later, adding that even after his father’s death, members of his family were still after his life because they alleged that his refusal to complete the initiation process was sacrilegious.

Earnest, who said he was physically assaulted and nearly lost his sight, also narrated how he escaped from a bar in Auchi, where some members of his family from Benin attempted to bundle him to Benin to perform some rites for his father’s burial and also complete the pending cult initiation process.

He narrated that he was like refugee in Nigeria for many months, running from pillar to post until he left the shore of Nigeria through the help of a friend, who connected him to one Mr. Kola, who facilitated his departure from Nigeria.

Although Ernest may have left Nigeria, many people believe his assailant will still go after him whenever he returns to Nigeria.


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