Zambia 1 – Nigeria 2: My Opinion

By Lanre Akinola

It’s been sometime now that Nigerian super Eagles secured and away win in a competitive game, more importantly, scoring two goals. On the basis of this, the result of this match is heart warming.

zambia-vs-nigeriaThat said, I wish to review the match very briefly: Our first half performance was good, the attack line did very well closing down the defence line of Zambia and denying them the chance to build from the rear. The interplay between the forward player was great and the two goals wonderful. I ask was great as the defensive midfielder. Our goal keeper was in good spirit today, he save a number of critical chances.

Our second half performance was below per. The attack line appeared tired, they did not close up the opponent defence line and that gave the the courage to press on our defense. Omearou and Echeijile were rather too slow in the match. Our right full back, we need sometime to improve and develop confidence. But for the right central defender, we were losing all aerial balls. Same for our forward line; there was no ball winner who could head, chest and hold down the ball. This gave the Zambia team opportunity to settle down in the defence and press forward.

Moving forward, we need to encourage the forward line to gel together more. They need to work on their stamina so as not to fade out in the critical moment of the match. The defence line needs serious panel beating. Against a faster attack line, Omearou and Echeijile and the right full back will be too much of a risk.

Goodluck as we move forward.

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