Aggrieved Workers Shut Down LaCasera Factory

Lovers of the popular beverage, LaCasera may not be able to buy or consume their favourite drink for some days as the company was forced to shut down operations because of its failure to provide safety for its workers.

Lacasera ProtestPrecisely, the Mile 2 site of the company located along the popular Apapa-Oshodi Expressway remains shut after its premises was invaded by over 200 demonstrators led by representatives of the National Union of Food, Beverages and Tobacco of Employees (NUFBTE). LaCasera Spokesperson, Tola Bademosi, alleged that workers were compelled to stop work and asked to sign consent forms by the unionists.

According to him, “Over 200 shouting demonstrators, some bussed in from out of state, broke into the factory which employs over 780 people at its site near Mile 2. Security guards were unable to hold back the unruly group who broke into the complex, entering offices and production areas.

“Production line workers were compelled to stop work and assemble in the factory yard where they were forced to sign membership consent forms to join the union on the spot. Some of those who refused to sign were brutalized.” Bademosi added

But the workers told Journalists they are protesting because the company’s management responded to their efforts at unionism by firing all of them.

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