Residents Want Ambode, Buhari to fix Adeniji Adele 3MB Wall

Residents around Adeniji Adele axis of the popular Third Mainland Bridge, have called out on both the Federal and Lagos state governments to avert a looming disaster as a particular brick wall beside the bridge may soon collapse.
Adeniji Adele WallMany residents and road users in the area, express fears that the wall which has been in a state of dilapidation, may soon cave in and injure passersby or motorists who may not have noticed it.

A road user said: “One day very soon, the wall will give way, and maybe some innocent souls will lose their lives. It is only then that television; radio stations and newspaper houses will rush there to carry the news.
“Now that something seems to hold the wall back from falling, government officials whose responsibility it is to do something to prevent the disaster pretend not to have noticed it.” he added

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